Anxiety and Trauma Therapy for Open-Minded Adults

Online virtual therapy in San Diego and across California.


Helping people who are tired of pretending like everything is "fine."

Trauma survivors and the Queer community are great at masking their feelings and acting how they "should" to everyone around them. Looking like you are fine on the outside, but inside, you're feeling anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. 

I totally get it! Nobody wakes up one day suddenly feeling like there's a crisis in their life. It's something that builds up over time. Remember, it's okay to feel that way; even the strongest people ask for help. Kobe got to where he was with the support and guidance from coaches. It's time to put YOU first!

A relatable, down-to-earth therapist.

Welcome! I am Brittaney Latta, a Licensed Psychotherapist. I specialize in providing culturally sensitive and trauma-informed therapy to non-traditional, minority, and LGBTQ+ communities. 

I'm a psychology nerd with a diverse background. I am bi, poly, of mixed Latin and White cultures, a trauma survivor, and a person in recovery. 

Throughout our therapy sessions, we will collaborate to find tools to actually cope with emotions vs numbing them away. You will leave feeling empowered to use your voice vulnerably and authentically. You will discover new ways to show up in relationships so you can stop finding yourself in the same toxic cycles. 

Here are some of my specialties:

The pros of virtual therapy are you can make any room your therapy room.



Learn to better understand anxiety through identifying triggers. Learn stress relief tools and anxiety reduction techniques.  



Learn how trauma changes our brain and impacts our behaviors. Learn tools to move from fight or flight to make clear choices. 



Get LGBTQ+ support from an LGBTQ+ friendly therapist. Learn tools for self love, self acceptance, and discovery of your authentic identity. 

I believe therapy should be simple.

Finding the right virtual therapist who understands you is an exhausting journey as a non-traditional person. Let's make it easier together!

1. Get Connected

First, click the button below to schedule a FREE 15-minute intro call. Nothing is more important than feeling comfortable with the therapist you choose. We will do a quick meet-and-greet phone call to answer any questions and ensure I am the right counselor for you.

2. Do the Work

Join me for weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute online therapy sessions through our virtual telehealth platform or by phone. Together, we will get to the root of your problems and find coping tools to manage emotions that are just right for you so you can move forward. 

3. Experience Change

Therapy doesn't need to last forever. We will work together until you reach your goals. Move through the world with newfound confidence and better tools to cope with life's stressors. Find out what it's like to make choices that stem from responding clearly rather than reacting out of survival. 

What previous clients have to say:

"A down to earth, experienced, perfect combo of fun and wise. Brittaney always put me at ease, and makes discussing difficult parts of my life a breeze. 10/10."


"Brittaney and I have only been talking for a couple weeks now and I feel like I am already taking strides in my life. She is all about worksheets/setting goals and I love that about her. Brittaney is a 10/10 recommend."


"She has been truly amazing! My growth, learning has grew stronger each day due to her genuineness, authenticity, compassion and understanding of my needs. I couldn't be more happier and stronger since the very first time I reached out. I'm extremely happy I did!"


"Brittaney has changed my perspective of mental health treatment. She is respectful of my boundaries and only takes things in the pace that I can handle. If I want to move on or focus on a new goal for the week, she is supportive of my self-advocacy. Brittaney is approachable and makes me feel comfortable even with uncomfortable topics."


Quit self-abandoning & live an authentic life where you are in the driver’s seat.